Red Hook Outdoors launches new website for better customer experience

Posted by Red Hook Outdoors Pro Staff on 23rd Feb 2019

Launched in the fall of 2016, Red Hook Outdoors has redesigned its virtual store this past winter for all prospective consumers and people looking to get ahead on their outdoorsy shopping for friends and loved ones. Developed to be the go-to platform for all things hunting, fishing, camping, and survival gear, Red Hook Outdoors curated a platform that is easy to navigate, accessible, and affordable for the everyday individual.

As a small operation with hopes to expand, Red Hook Outdoors is intent on providing unmatched customer service and support, regardless of their staff availability. Cognizant of the fact that customer accessibility is everything in today’s consumer world, Red Hook Outdoors provides on-line support, returns, free shipping on orders over $75 and even product support for a consumer who is hung up on a purchase.

“Though this is a platform about outdoorsmen activities and enjoying mother nature, this is also a place designed with the consumer in mind – and we want everyone to enjoy themselves while perusing our website,” said Chris, Founder and Owner of Red Hook Outdoors. “That’s why we’re making ourselves available, and including a blog for free informational tips that will keep everyone ahead of the outdoorsy curve.”

Specifically, consumers can find fishing gear and equipment, hunting equipment, camping products and accessories, clothing and footwear for various outdoors terrain, and survival and tactical gear for remaining safe when unexpected events occur on the nature trail. Additionally, to make the shopping experience more convenient, shoppers can make an account on the platform, sign in, and save their favorite products to their shopping basket for buying now or at a later date.

“We are also set on being a modern and socially relevant platform, so visitors can find us on Facebook, and Instagram day-in and day-out, ready to reply to comments and concerns,” said Chris.

Passionate about the great outdoors and all things nature, Red Hook Outdoors ultimately opened to provide both veteran and novice explorers with the high quality equipment they need to be both safe and successful on any kind of environmental excursion. Owned by nature lovers themselves, Red Hook Outdoors draws on product inspiration from the owner’s own experiences immersing themselves in the beauty of our world’s pristine and unadulterated landscapes.

Though Red Hook Outdoors has only been open a few years, the platform plans on being around for a longtime, and hopes to service every outdoorsmen’s product requirements.